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Bahasa Inggris 1 part 1 (Simple, Complex, and Compound Sentence)

Alhamdulillah sudah sampai di pelajaran bahasa inggris 🙂

salah satu pelajaran yang sebenernya ane butuh banget, tapi malah ane kurang disini.

bismillah, semangat 🙂

Pertama ane jabarin dulu sub materi yang akan dibahas di semester ini

  • Introducing Ourself
  • Sentence Structure
  • Noun Pronoun
  • Present Time
  • Past Time
  • Future Time
  • Pasive
  • Presentation Skill
tetep semangattt..:)


Hal ini sangat penting ketika suatu saat kita berada dalam tempat baru, lingkungan baru dan bertemu dengan orang yang baru dikenal, saat wawancara, masuk pertama kelas, atau saat berpresentasi.
Walaupun sangat sederhana, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk pemula
  • I’m Ardi.
    I’m Budi. (Situasi Tidak Resmi)
  • I’m Ardi Aviyatna.
    I’m Budi Nuryanto. (Situasi Resmi)
  • (It’s) nice to meet you.
    (It’s) nice meeting you.
    (It’s) good to meet you.
  • Nice to meet you too.


  1. Hello. My name’s Ardi. What’s your name?
    Halo. Namaku adalah Ardi. Siapa namamu?
  2. Budi.
  1. Where are you from Budi?
    Dari mana asalmu Budi?
  2. I’m from West Java. Where are you from?
    Saya berasal dari Jawa Barat. Dari mana asalmu?
  1. I’m from Jakarta.
    Saya berasal dari Jakarta.
  2. Are you Javanese?
    Apakah kamu orang Jawa?
  1. Yes, I am. Are you Javanese too?
    Ya. Apakah kamu orang Jawa juga?
  2. Yes I am.

Jangan tanyakan hal-hal berikut ini, karena disana hal ini sangat tidak sopan 🙂 :

  • Umur
  • Tanggal Lahir
  • Gaji
  • Berat Badan
  • Status Perkawinan
  • Agama
  • Nomor Sepatu
  • Dan hal-hal lain yang tidak sopan untuk ditanyakan


  • Simple Sentence
  • Complex Sentence
  • Compound Sentence
  • Simple Sentence (also called a controll unit is the bases of every sentences), a simple sentence is made up from 2 structural component
    • The Subject + The Predicate
    • Control Unit = S + P
    • ex = i eat bakso every day, i = Subject, eat = Predicate
    • That flower is red, That = Subject, Flower = Predicate
    • Subject contains the word of group or words that does something or is something
    • Subject = 
      • Pelaku
      • Sesuatu
    • Predicate = 
      • Kata Kerja (Verb)
      • To be = Menjelaskan sesuatu
    • The predicate contains the words or group of words that is used to express action (Verb) or state of being (tobe)
    • Exercise = (S = Subject = Red) (P = Predicate = Green)
      • The sun shines
      • A new program is being developed
      • Bananas, Mangoes and Papaya are tropical fruit
      • Reading carefully, taking notes and summaries are essential stages in academic writing
      • The old man is being read to by the boy
      • I have lost my wallet, passport and car keys
      • A large, black, hairiy spider with red staring eyes lowered its self from the dark, overhanging branches
      • Cell samples were taken frim the organisms being researched
  • Complex Sentence, a komplek sentences is one in which the controll unit has a support unit added to it
    • (Controll Unit + Support Unit)
    • A support unit is a group of words that supports the meaning of the control unit by adding more meanings to oit.
    • ex = Miss Vika, Who is beautiful, is teaching english right now
      • Support unit bisa diletakan di depan / di tengah / dan di belakang Controll unitnya
      • Support unit dan controll unit di pisahkan dengan koma (,)
      • Support unit bisa diawali dengan sub ordinator (kata penghubung = although, because, since, while, as, were as, after, before, whenever, if, unless, until, when, were, which, who, whom, whose, dll)
      • Support unit bisa dimulai dengan Verb+ing (Gerund)
    • exercise (S = Subject = Red) (P = Predicate = Green) (SU = Support Unit = Purple)
      • Although it was raining, we went to the beach
      • The exermination was post phoned, giving students extra time to revise
      • The company made a record profit, despite the economic down turn
      • The new teacher, a highly respected scholar, began his class today
  • Compound Sentence, a compound sentence is one in which there are two or more Controll Unit (Simple Sentence)
    • How to Join Controll Unit
      • You cannot join Controll Unit with a comma alone
      • You must use euther a comma plus a conjunction or a semicolon (;)
        • ex = and, but, for, nor, since, so ,yet
          • She did well in her examination
          • She is an able student
          • She did well in her examination, for she is an able student
          • He worked hard
          • He did not achieve high marks
          • He worked hard, yet he did not achieve high works

      • Exercise (in each of following sentences, Join the simple sentences to make new simple, complex, or compound sentences
        • Jet lag affect most long-distance travellers, jet lag is the urge to sleep at in appropriate times
        • Jet lag, which is the urge to sleep at in appropriate times, affect most long-distance travellers (Complex Sentence)
        • I enjoy watching football, i hate watching tennis
        • I enjoy watching football, but i hate watching tennis (Compound Sentence)
        • Solar heating system are economical to operate, the installation cost of solar heating system is very high
        • Although the installation cost of solar heating system is very high, Solar heating system are economical to operate (Complex Sentence)
        • Many international researches attended the science cenvention, the convention was very successful
        • Many international researches attended the science cenvention, which was very successful (Complex Sentence)
        • I was reading the newspaper, i noticed an advertisement for a job i could apply for
        • When i reading the newspaper, i noticed an advertisement for a job i could apply for  (Complex Sentence)

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  1. ajari b. inggris lewat internet dong?

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